About Us

Our Buses

Our luxurious 56-passenger Air Ride equipped Super Wide coach buses come with the latest technology and features to make your trip go by quick and cozy. Each coach comes standard with:

  • A/C

  • DVD Player

  • Stereo System

  • Lavatory with flush restroom

  • Charging outlets

  • 56 comfortable seats

The Team

From our professional and friendly drivers who receive regular assessments and training to our in-house technicians who are skilled in industry best practices, every one here at Tri-State Coach rigorously complies with guidance from local and federal regulatory authorities as well as our industry associations.

Cleaning Policy

We thoroughly clean and disinfect before and after each use as follows:

  • Remove debris from the seats, furnishings, and floor

  • Spot disinfect high touch points such as:

    • Entrance area handrails

    • Parcel rack handles

    • Door latch handles

    • Window release bars

    • Passenger seat headrests,armrests, seat belts and seat accessories

    • All bathroom surfacesAll driver area surfaces

    • All driver area surfaces

We optimize the onboard air quality as follows:

  • We use filters rated MERV 7 or higher (removes respiratory droplets)

  • We provide hand sanitizer

  • We require face covering for our drivers and provide + encourage them for our passengers

  • We strictly implore our passengers to not travel if sick or feeling unwell

Additionally, we actively invest in intensified cleaning and protection to help ensure a sanitary environment.